Cartier Magicien Neckalce and Rings Series Jewelry

Waved his wand, still life as if Smart up. Dazzling light dazzling, but also people’s thoughts to the distance … … Cartier jewelry world, gorgeous precious stones and precious materials at any time turned into exquisite works of exquisite.

Cartier Magicien


Diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, red tourmaline, beryl, blue or green sapphires … … Cartier to capture the pure essence of precious stones, giving it Smart gesture, blooming natural color. The mystery of magic? The miraculous nature of the United States for the United States jewelry, hidden flow of life force. This is the Cartier Magicien series highlights the superb art, this series will be presented in three different magic:

Cartier Magicien Necklace
Fragrant flowers of fruits, winding graceful animals, delicate and moving petals … … nature to display their magic, the endless vitality presented in front of us. Ruby, emeralds, sapphires, opals … … Cartier Love Bracelet carefully used to give the precious nature of the material, the transfer of fine and sincere emotion. Cartier’s mysterious magic jewelry for Pierre added infinite vitality.
QUETZAL Red Tourmaline Necklace

White K gold, a weight of 68.82 karats of the pillow-shaped circular cut red tourmaline, black paint, round brilliant cut diamonds.


Cartier ORACLE Emerald necklace
Platinum, set with 3 round rectangular cut corners from Colombia Emerald total weight 18.30 carat, 3 rectangular step cut diamonds, total weight 2.19 kt, 6 ladder-type cut diamonds, total weight 3.84 kt, kite-shaped cut diamonds , Onyx, round brilliant cut diamonds.

The color saturation of each emerald is the same, highlighting the strong personality of the overall work. The vitality of the work also comes from the green and black contrast effect – this is Cartier a hundred years of color combination symbol. Using a small amount of embellishment onyx, Cartier Necklace highlights its wave – like dynamic, creating optical illusion and depth of the shadow.

Incantation necklace decorated with exquisite geometric patterns, paved with bright diamonds, weaving a magnificent screen treasures. Just gently struck, Incantation necklace moment glamor glamor light, showcase advanced jewelry leading technology. Its length and shape also will change, flexible Futie, ornate decorated with elegant neck, can be described as superb artistry and modeling magic masterpiece. Corolla-style necklace decorated with a removable sapphire, removed can also be set in the ring after the above, light fingertips.

Cartier Magicien Ring
Platinum, a 22.84 carat pillow-shaped Ceylon sapphire, round brilliant cut diamonds. Sapphire can be worn on the necklace.
Incantation necklace decorated with exquisite geometric patterns, paved with bright diamonds, weaving a beautiful grid Jane treasures. Incantation necklace in the gently waves, then change the charm of light and shadow, can be described as superb craftsmanship and magic Cartier Love Rings blend of power from the masterpiece. Its grace also will sway, flexible service stickers, decorated in the neck gorgeous. Necklace is embedded in the middle of a sapphire, in fact, touching.