Chic Unruly, Faded Spikes – Cartier New Cactus de Cartier Jewelry Series


Cactus de Cartier series like the desert in the quiet and firm confrontation with the cold night of the woman, she again and again sweet bloom, every time as if to meet the world’s first morning. In this bright and warm series, Cartier sang praise from the true, the charm of moving the beauty of nature.



Cactus de Cartier this series from the Cartier jewelry design master of the wonderful ideas, bud condensation crystal dew, only the night before the bright bloom. Early dawn, its expose sometimes gentle, sometimes harsh look. Emerald, chalcedony or carnelian, out of the abundance Cactus de Cartier Ring of bright cactus flower; gold dew brocade showing full of architectural beauty of the arc shape; graceful ripples and continuous extension of the twisted cable decorated with gold to bring dynamic beauty. Cartier boldly break the framework, the use of geometric lines, delicate decoration and abundance modeling design techniques, so difficult to close the cactus into three unique tender feelings.


Cactus de Cartier series will dew be the crown, the night in full bloom wonderful plants become sometimes warm, sometimes cold, noble and beautiful jewelry works. To show the unique beauty of the cactus, Cactus de Cartier Necklace bold breakthrough, the use of excellent jewelry technology, to take geometric lines, delicate decoration and abundance of modeling design techniques, so that seemingly thousands of miles of cactus refused to show three unique style.



Cactus de Cartier series, this is like a sculpture-like series of neat, exudes a stirring force, and the charm of the free uninhibited. Cartier jewelry brand from the traditional style of drawing inspiration Cartier Love Bracelet, exciting interpretation of the cactus unique and unique beauty. Like a strong woman in the desert, standing quietly, without fear of the cold night and the day of Chi, her sweet bloom, to meet the world’s first morning, in this bright and warm series bloom pure charm. Cartier perfect show the beauty of its moving beauty.