You Do Not Know Cartier Panthere Jewelry, A Century Full Of Fire

A wild cheetah, for Cartier, the brand is not just a symbol, it is beyond the classic time; or restrained and subtle, or Pentium jumping, noble and elegant revealing fatal attraction …… decorated with emerald leopard eye, onyx embellishment Leopard nose, Cartier Bracelet Panthere White Gold Sale B6505780 diamond paved the gorgeous leopard, despite the creative freedom ride, make cheetah series of jewelry in jewelry history left a deep and lasting mark.

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The cheetah is one of the Cartier brand symbol, 1914, which first appeared in the jewelry world, and Louis? Cartier is to give the brand a symbol of inspiration pioneer, after Louis partner infidelity?cartier panthere jewelry Duchamp (Jeanne Toussaint) will cheetah creativity on its head: bracelets, brooches, earrings, long necklaces, watches, there cheetah supple physique. The new series is even based on a variety of Cat Form, which is truly charm the wild beauty of animals.

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1914, which is cheetah pattern of broken egg, the year Cartier watch on a cheetah pattern first used as the theme, black and white mosaic staggered manner, at the time, but became the jewelry industry, “the first to eat crab” brand Oh! Moreover, that year, Cartier was also invited to fame illustrator George Barbier designed a “lady with the Cheetah” invitation card, then the invitation card has become the advertising art of Cartier.

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1920 George Barbier drawn invitation

Had to sigh, advertising art 100 years ago, and now it seems that is not outdated, is still walking in the forefront of fashion ah, tut!

In this way, the bird lying at the foot of famous panther, authentic cartier panthere jewelry black and white leopard pattern also was born.

So the question is, development of each story must be a transforms, like behind every successful man there is a woman always the same. Cartier’s success is inseparable from one another a woman who loves jewelry.
Ching Duchamp: Cheetah totem flourish “number one hero”

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Let me talk about this fascinating woman – Ching Duchamp. This remarkable woman, in between 1948-1970, has served as senior Cartier jewelry director. Cartier is not only cartier panthere jewelry sets indispensable figure in history, but also make the cheetah totem flourish “number one hero.”

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Duchess of Windsor: love story and break through traditional jewelry

In order to please the goddess has tilt the world looks and charisma, not only for the Duke of Windsor abdicated, but in 1949 its customized legend cheetah broochcartier panthere jewelry price . Imagine, one studded with diamonds and sapphires vividly standing in a cheetah weighing 152.35 kt (drunk) in cabochon “Kashmir” sapphire brooch is like trench on gas! Only prove that money could not bear not win goddess.

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Cartier joined the army the luxury price

In Chanel, Moschino and many other major brands in the Chinese market for post made a price adjustment, and a jewelry brand Cartier added to the price the army. Cartier watches began to cut prices across the board 5 percent in Hong Kong. Cartier will be the reason for global price recently classified as abnormal fluctuations in the euro exchange rate, which in Europe and Chanel prices, price price in China is exactly the same reason.

Cartier Price

Chanel from April 8 for the three iconic brand 2.55,11.12 and global pricing package shall Boy to Boy Chanel handbag, for example, after the price of HK $ 29,700, a decrease of approximately HK $ 8,000; Classic Flap Bag HK $ 38,000, down approximately HK $ 10,000. In addition, the Italian luxury brand Prada has announced its Asian region, including Hong Kong products are price cuts. French luxury brand Dior in Hong Kong also lowered moderately Miss Dior and Dior Soft Wristlet prices.

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April 15, the British brand Burberry has released the second half of the fiscal year 2014/2015 Performance Report and announced plans to adjust prices to stimulate sales in the Asian market, offset the adverse effects of exchange rate changes, as well as coping with industry rivals have been taken same move. It seems a luxury for the Chinese market has begun a new round of action, let us wait and see who is the next price!

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Francesca Cartier Brickell hosted seminars to help the audience to see cartier little-known history

However, the most spectacular we can through these letters, Cartier brothers personally understand how to develop new customers, and how to get to know the 20th century celebrity. Brickell recalled, Louis Cartier good at communication, often senior nightclub in Paris and contemporary celebrity party, including the influential writer and filmmaker Jean Cocteau. Brickell said: “He likes Cartier LOVE Bracelets the locations include Paris was the latest and most fashionable nightclubs Maxim’s.” She went on to say:. “Maxim’s is the man with the lover tryst place, his wife will not set foot here, so this is an ideal location for doing business, he said The office for the second, because here consciousness of consciousness of a man, have the opportunity to bring commissioned two jewelery business … ”

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The lecture is Bonhams seminar recently held a master class series, a comprehensive display of the past and historical details of how to make meaningful antiques and period pieces become respected treasures, but also to consolidate the Bonhams authoritative position in the jewelry industry ʱ?? Indeed, Bonhams is the largest global jewelery sales in the international auction house, Bonhams Hong Kong is Asia’s only active endorsement and promotion have no endorsement era jewelry auction.
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Bonhams (Asia) jewelry department director Graeme Thompson, said: “Through this golden opportunity, Francesca Cartier can share Cartier’s tradition and insights from modern family angle Cartier master classes Bonhams this time organized by the Hong Kong public. bring a unique opportunity to learn in-depth understanding of the global luxury brand. ”
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In addition, when talking about the past, a series of Bonhams jewelry big triumph, Thompson said: “These jewels can bring investment opportunities, because they will only see rare these treasures more valuable, collectors bought these jewels. after, can exclusive. ”

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Cartier’s most romantic Valentines Day gift

Cartier works constantly tell the most sincere love of beauty, through every piece of art like depicts works behind always praise the beauty of love and life in important emotional connection. At the time of this Chinese Valentines Day romantic legend, Cartier’s classic red box loaded with one of the most romantic love feelings oath. Whether delivering the essence of love, loyalty “Love” series, or is it a beautiful tribute to the emotional life of “Trinity” series, Cartier love the country, witnessed the lovers to each other the most sincere feelings flawless. In addition, Cartier also recommend the best expression of a lover are eager to guard every minute of each other  couple on the table, including the 2015 New watch works and the most popular couple “Ballon Bleu”, and Colourful immediately attract the attention of women “C de Cartier handbag.”

Cartier Trinity Series jewelry

Summarize an era, outlining its fashion trends, telling its avant-garde art of the move. Love Trinity rings and bracelets have come out, these works are time-tested treasure, highlighting its modernist features. In 1924, Cartier created the first ever three-ring interlocking rings, K white gold, rose gold and yellow K gold pavilions. Three loops around each other, blend harmoniously on a finger; like the emotional life: friendship, love and affection, the three independent but inseparable.

In 1969, Cartier jewelry workshop Ianiu about designer Aldo Cipullo has created a new type of bracelet, its shape ever, for men and women, it is considered Praise of Love, and soon became the representative 七 ○ ‘s. Only oval bracelet molded integrally with the overall design, subverting the original aesthetics, replacing the popular chain style bracelet.

Cartier Love Series Jewelry

Love series with striking bright decorative screws to pull away screws practical purposes, showing the original spirit of the part itself purely aesthetic. Once again confirms the consistent Cartier creative ideas, able to horseshoes or tank tracks and other everyday objects, and extract the essence of the new elements beyond the physical, and then converts it into intricate jewelry.

Another feature of Love bracelet is made up of two people need to work together to wear, very specific interpretation of the love of loyalty, cleverly presented in Love joins images.

Shin Mina Peidai Ka Cartier jewelry & watches debut Paeksang Arts Awards Presentation Ceremony

May 26, 2015, the 51st Paeksang Arts Awards ceremony held in Korea first Erlong weight, Shin Mina wearing Cartier Love series and Juste un Clou series of jewelry and watches Baignoire attend the ceremony, will be bright and pure diamond Che she dressed in a black and white dress decorated particularly graceful and love jeweler

Shin Mina dress wearing Valentino 2015 autumn and winter series debut in 2015 in the 51st Paeksang Arts Awards Awards red carpet

Shin Mina dress wearing Valentino 2015 autumn and winter series debut in 2015 in the 51st Paeksang Arts Awards Awards red carpet

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Cartier 2015 Love series white 18K gold fine ceramic jewelry diamond ring

Cartier 2015 Juste un Clou series Jewelry Rings

Cartier 2015 Baignoire watches 18K white gold and diamond watch