By A Dream Journey Eternal Guardian-Amulette de Cartier New Series

Derived from natural rare material, the condensation of magic guard force, Amulette de Cartier lighter and more refined series, shiny, like a hidden magic Body keepsake, stroking the skin above treasured in my heart quietly flying dream ……


2016, Amulette de Cartier two new series of specially selected precious materials to create a more attractive and unique qualities shine guardian keepsake and join hands together supermodel Sui He embarked on by a dream trip to the interpretation of natural beauty from the inside out . Glyph Ambilight guilloche gold, like the sun glow like brilliant bloom; noble extraordinary serpentine wood, bringing peace of mind guardian angel at Sui He’s collar and ears sweet bloom, distribute elegant dazzling brilliance . Highly anticipated classic materials such as malachite, lapis lazuli, mother of pearl and onyx, etc., in the year turned into more styles, with rich colors blooming bright attitude, continued chasing the dream of every precious young women guard.

Glyph guilloche gold – bring glory

Glyph guilloche gold just like the rising sun bright and shining like, between light and shadow dancing reflects the subtle elegance, pregnant with power, giving joy and surprise front row easy.


Gold or rose gold guilloche Glyph sparkling diamonds around the gorgeous bloom, as if the sun light, a Road roundabout blooming out. Ambilight between warm and pleasant; sparkling apart, filling the elegant and noble. Scene dreams and sincere self, but also with golden ripples release fly.

Serpentine wood – brings peace of mind


Serpentine wood bring good luck, bad luck to disperse, giving a warm and secure shelter. In between stroking summon guardian angels come, let luck and peace, along with the unknown journey of life in every moment.


Spring, wood raw things. New Amulette de Cartier breakthrough series for the first time show the natural selection of rare wood strength. Noble and extraordinary serpentine wood, textures unique and perennial tenacity as new, the “timber diamond” reputation, has been a symbol of taste. Serpentine wood elegant color, texture and moist, under the diamonds and rose gold set off like a guardian angel mysterious and luck, the fresh and natural posture daylight.

Amulette de Cartier series serpentine wooden necklace worn on the collar Sui He, amplified and elegant, like a guardian angel lucky eternal, but also against the background of the pure beauty of Sui He.

Malachite – bring good luck


As the most popular travel enthusiasts gem, malachite always bring good luck and hope to indicate the direction of the road, indicating an upcoming surprise and achievement ……


Dream will leave, because this a clever and mysterious gems, by a dream trip is no longer confused, because the lucky stone of eternal companionship, so chasing the dream of every young woman’s life even more confidence for the future. Like at every light that reflects the mystery and fantasy, Amulette de Cartier malachite series, open every day of a new journey.

Amulette de Cartier series malachite necklace super trumpet section with trumpet section unique creative mix together, like a doubly lucky quietly come at Sui He interpretation, adds a noble and charm.

Cartier Amulette de Cartier series, in bright spring day, with a strong color brushed dull winter to compact design and full of beautiful vision of a better guardian of magic, chasing the dream became every young woman’s favorite Body keepsake, flying dream collection sincere heart, defend and accompany the journey of life each time by a dream