Trinity de Cartier new rope charm bracelet create colorful summer

All single items are derived from the brand’s classic series, such as having colors of the Trinity de Cartier Bracelet series wire rope bracelet, then from Cartier in 1924 he launched the first a tricyclic ring. Three materials, each with different implications: Platinum behalf of friendship, a symbol of family gold, rose gold interpretation of love.Trinity-de-Cartier Red

In 1924, Cartier created the firstĀ ever three-ring interlocking rings, platinum on behalf of friendship, a symbol of family gold, rose gold interpretation of love; three materials, triple mood, and symbolizes the child and parents indivisible family, close to each other tight interlocking, use a three-color gold ring wrapped around the unswerving love.

Recently, Cartier has launched the colors of the new Trinity de Cartier bracelet rope in the young and lively design, a chic interesting style, attitude, let your enchanting charm of summer, early summer sunshine do now unique style. Trinity de Cartier rope bracelet with platinum, gold and rose gold, along with black rope with the sale, as well as 25 kinds of bright fashion colors to choose from.


Three rings, three colors. Rose gold, yellow gold and white K K gold, mysterious and harmoniously intertwined. Mr. visionary Louis Cartier (Louis Cartier) devised Trinity tri-color gold ring in 1924. Tri-color gold also inspired the French poet Jean Cocteau artists inspiration, in its great esteem, tri-color gold series became a timeless classic. Gold tricolor has three symbol: represents love rose gold, yellow gold represents loyalty K, K white gold on behalf of friendship. Classic Trinity tri-color gold ring bearer from become timeless emotional jewelry series, “Trinity, everything is always with you


The new series Trinity de Cartier bracelet rope center follows the 1924 launch of the brand design classic tricyclic interlocking rings, three rings, respectively, using three different quality material made of platinum on behalf of friendship, gold symbolizes affection, interpretation of love rose gold; three materials, triple mood, also symbolizes the inseparable emotions, tightly interlocked with each other by using a three-color gold ring wrapped around the unswerving love. Bracelet will be sold together with a black rope, wire rope 25 colors and offers choices of Taiwan to be a free replacement Cartier store, take the bracelet reference prices than the People First line 3800 yuan each, so in addition to buy treat yourself, adding elegance to the usual shape than as a gift to family, friends, or lover of all gifts is also very meaningful. Sliding down to see the influx of people with model Instagram and all bracelet color.