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Cartier uphold the extraordinary process of diligently pursue, Cartier Optics to bring new works to Shanghai glasses. Meanwhile, artisans from the card to Ya Bali glasses workshop also at the scene, the production process for everyone Secret Cartier glasses, spectacles display brand in the long history of the production process of inheritance and innovation of the design.

In Chanticleer brands, such as Cartier glasses have dedicated workshops, follow professional independent eyewear brand quality requirements, and a collection of all the glasses brand handful of manufacturing processes.Cartier Sunglasses Since 1887, the birth of the first branch of glasses, this temple of art has always been to continuously explore the creation of glasses road, going.
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Time flies, as times changed, glasses Rarities from everyone can have gradually evolved into a daily necessity. The glasses work out stringent requirements for consistent, in 1983, Cartier break them, Cartier Optics introduced the concept of “Pierre glasses”, set up workshops in the Paris suburb of glasses joinville-Le-Pont, by virtue of inheritance from jewelry and manufacturing craft watch industry, opened the eyewear industry, “Made in France.” At the same time formally named Les Must de Cartier series, glasses as a complete work line to the market. Both the original shape –Santos and Vendôme, a launch will lead to an unprecedented enthusiastic response. Man of many, including the British pop music godfather •Cartier Sunglasses Elton John, the famous news anchor Yves Muro Sarkozy, British rock musician David Bowie all their love for me. In 1985, Christopher Walken • in its movie “007 Kill” is always wearing a pair of sunglasses Vendôme, not only all the rage, but retained a timeless classic image on the big screen.

Cartier unprecedented success in the glasses did not stop its adherence to the pace of exploration and self-transcendence. And “the glasses considered as a piece of jewelry,” the concept has always been in the jewelry brand through creative spirit inside. Cartier will make jewelry ingenuity paid in glasses introduced gold and precious stones and other top materials, creating the prowess of works, craftsmen by precious materials assembled, polished, mosaic, diamond grinding, traditional crafts painting, sculpture and so on, the Xilinx wonderful designer wants to convey vividly. In addition, Cartier has never stopped exploring new material: In 1992, Cartier Optics took the lead in the production of wood used in the temples; in 2010 launched acetate frame. Today, gold, precious stones, wood, horn, tortoiseshell …… Cartier soul interpreted to be realized by these materials in different designs.

In the design style, Cartier eyewear style has its inspired jewelry and watch works the same strain: cheetah, rivets, tricolor gold, C-type lettering …… these classic elements always separated left and right, become a symbol of Cartier works.
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In 2013, he located joinville-Le-Pont Cartier glasses workshop was founded in the 30th anniversary of re-development of new color, moved to not far from the Marne Valley Sucy-en-Brie. Now, Cartier Sunglasses in the world of 9,000 square meters, assembled from optical design to nearly 50 manufacturing process required. Cartier glasses optical manufacturing workshops allow improving. Every year, almost all of Cartier sunglasses and optical glasses are from this family has more than 250 employees of the workshop.
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Here, each pair of glasses are regarded as jewelry, jewelry making follow craftsmanship and ingenuity, from the initial selection, drawing up to final assembly and packaging, Cartier Optics no one step is not the case, and adhere to the manual involved at every step production. In the selection, for example, each pair of precious diamonds and precious stones used on the glasses, which is equivalent to the level of Cartier jewelry works; and to ensure that the same strain of the design, Cartier glasses workshop also has a dedicated design team. Here, the talented designer Cherish the Cartier DNA condensate extraction above the drawing, depicting a lit bright eyes glasses Pierre.

December 21, 2013 to 29, carrying precious Cartier glasses series debut Beijing Jinyuan new Lufthansa MALL, bring a lighted visual gluttonous event. Finely decorated exhibition venues like Cartier classic red box, collaborative regular museum displays precious exhibits glasses series, cohesion Cartier unique aesthetic and a new antiques Pierre masterpiece, Cartier Optics with excellent quality for the ultimate technology highlight the pursuit.

Recently, glasses master usher bright light of the day. On this day, Known as “The King of jewelers, jeweler of kings” of France’s top luxury brand watches and jewelry maker Cartier (Catier) with its 12 precious diamonds K gold glasses “visit to the” glasses master Huanglong Hangzhou for glasses collection investment enthusiasts on a valuable lesson Cartier Sunglasses.

Expensive jewelry brand has a long history, has experienced the baptism of history, precipitated their own brand of culture and characteristics, side collectible value. Cartier was founded in 1847, it was founded in Paris, France. Paris at the time, after the scramble for the throne of some turbulence, but also restored the flashy Huadu weather, greatly promoted the prosperity Paris jewelery industry. Cartier was young cousin of Napoleon III, Princess Mathilde’s recommendation, the business is growing, soon reputations in the European court’s reputation. British royal family had Cartier Order 27 crown for the coronation. Cartier Optics In addition, the Prince of Spain, Portugal, Romania, Egypt, France Orleans family, the Prince of Morocco and Albania’s royal family has also appointed the Royal Cartier jewelry business. Recalling Catier history, is to review modern jewelry century history of changes in the development process of Cartier, has been maintained with countries of royalty and celebrities are closely related contacts and close contacts, Cartier Sunglasses and has become a luxury dream of global fashion.

Cartier eyewear design heritage of its jewelry not only timeless, imaginative, more filled with elegance and luxury style. Its technology and design are first-rate, and many glasses of the world alone in this one, have been masters in design, but also increase the value of its collection.

It learned that the appreciation of Cartier jewelry cocktail glasses, Cartier will bring one of the most expensive jewelry glasses of La Dona series of special glasses carat edition jewelry worth up to 605,000 yuan! La Dona series is Cartier’s legendary works of the 1970s, known as “La Dona” Mexican actress commissioned Cartier to customize many of the annals of fine jewelry work. His series of works inspired by the design of the actress holding the hands of a crocodile! Cartier Sunglasses The crocodile is her prototype commissioned Cartier necklace made. And this event can be seen through special glasses carat edition jewelry decorated with bright diamond-paved baguette cut diamonds weighing approximately 2.54 karats! This is a series of works of jewelry glasses most emblematic of the frame!

Only stunning addition to the legendary luxury of glasses, Cartier also bring other precious jewelry glasses are filled series which covers feminine charm and mature temperament orchid series, decorated with diamonds, solid gold works, each flower is unique ; style and elegance of the mark, Cartier Optics the unique double-C decoration series, Cartier classic traditional manual production process, calm, refined Men Women have the right jewelry glasses; cleverly reflects Cartier iconic decorative leopard series, mirror leg paved diamonds and pink sapphires leopard as a decoration, extravagance; followed Cartier jewelry design creativity and tradition, a slim two-color ribbed decoration, depicts the simple lines and fine details, very suitable for the pursuit of classic and elegant works with a creative spirit of male customers. So to have a rare Cartier diamond jewelry glasses absolutely appreciation of space!

Cartier Glasses New Interpretation of The Legendary Series a New Chapter

Since 1914 first appeared in above Cartier watch, by virtue of the relentless pursuit of spirituality and beauty and Zoran creative, cheetah beyond time, after more than a century, it has become a classic of this hall class brand totem.

2015, Cartier launched a new Panthère Divine de Cartier Sunglasses, with “La Dolce Vita” (La Dolce Vita) for inspiration, gorgeous stage to pay tribute to the French Riviera. Convex mirror leg inlaid mother of pearl or onyx round embellishment cheetah markings, with Cat Eye or rectangular frame, exudes a mysterious charm of beauty.
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June 13, 2015 – June 14 Cartier (Cartier) precious jewelry series of works Tasting jiefangbei Chiba glasses flagship store on the second floor VIP area to carry in Chongqing, a great big breasts full of air, Cartier (Cartier) glasses dazzling debut, Cartier Sunglasses for the majority of the people of Chongqing presented a extremely luxurious visual feast.

Chiba glasses since its inception, has been widespread concern in the community, Cartier Sunglasses and the international big Cartier (Cartier) joined forces to make tasting even more impressive, attracted enthusiastic participation of the general public! The same day, a variety of Cartier (Cartier) precious glasses appeared booth, to feel the visual feast of people are doing. Many fans up close and Cartier glasses Zhongyi, warm selection.

The tasting will be most noticeable jewelry glasses, lens body 18K solid gold (about 33.5 grams), the frame 148 brilliant cut (about 2.17 kt) diamond-paved, between the lens 23 brilliant cut (about 0.35 carats) paved with diamonds, black lacquer bedroom sitting cheetah decoration, reported that the price of 565,000 yuan.

“Cartier” (Cartier) as an internationally renowned brand, long time, and the debut of Cartier (Cartier) jewelry series of glasses in the design style, with its inspired jewelry and watches work the same strain, “the glasses considered as a piece of jewelry creative spirit, “the idea also runs through his work in the end.

“Compared jewelry and watches, many people are not familiar with our glasses, but in fact we started 100 years ago .We history a spectacle born in 1887, as D’Essling princess custom .1954 ,Cartier Sunglasses we also customized the Duchess of Windsor tiger glasses. “More recently, in 2015 Cartier glasses new work-sharing sessions, brought all the way from Paris artisan workshops glasses, talking about making the law.

This is a kind of signal it?
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Many people the impression of more big glasses in “logo” on, and indeed a lot of similar design, it is estimated that only the wearer has the kind of “warm sense of identity.”

In fact, many big glasses are OEM, in addition to logo, basic and brand is not much relationship. “We set up in 1983 in the Paris suburb of Joinville-Le-Pont workshops glasses, glasses start ‘Made in France’, cartier sunglasses cheapformally named Les Must de Cartier series, the glasses as a complete product line to the market. In 1985, Christopher Walken starred in “007 Kill” has been wearing our Vend? me Cartier Sunglasses. “Cartier responsible person stressed that each pair of glasses have their own” blood authentic “, said glasses Workshop has 250 artisans for this work this is their proud.

Of course, like watches and jewelry, eyewear is not an abstract wayward development series, its design is still characteristic heritage of the brand itself. For example, this year’s new Cheetah series Panthère Divine de Cartier sunglasses, it is decorated with painted black leopard, cheetah at people see the shadow, not to mention the rivets, tricolor gold C type letters identified, these classic elements of our can be found on the glasses. So you can be your favorite cheetah while worn on the hand and glasses.

We know that many big names have been accustomed to the spectacle of the business to others,cartier sunglasses cheap but now it seems the limelight turn, we are beginning to stir, want to master this area. Founded last year KERING glasses business team, first move was two years ahead of the recovery agency GUCCI,Cartier Sunglasses from 1 January 2017 self-employed. For such a double-digit growth in the field, how can we let the economic downturn? Maybe it will bring new business opportunities. This is perhaps the biggest names in the field of personal control glasses, increase investment reasons.
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Like jewels cheetah, cheetah Cartier glasses are not cheap, but the same cartier sunglasses cheap, people unashamedly authentic lineage. For the biggest names, the future of glasses wars can not sell OEM logo so easy

March 4, 2015, Cartier Bing Cheng Duizhuo diligently pursue the best technology, to bring new works to Shanghai glasses. Meanwhile, artisans from the card to Ya Bali glasses workshop also at the scene, Cartier Sunglasses as we reveal the production process secret Cartier glasses, spectacles display brand in the production of a long history of tradition and innovation process network design.

In Chanticleer brands, such as Cartier glasses have dedicated workshops, follow professional independent eyewear brand quality requirements, and a collection of all the glasses brand handful of manufacturing processes. Since 1887, the birth of the first branch of glasses, this temple of art has always been to continuously explore the creation of glasses road, going.

Time to cast nets classics, Cartier glasses making a long history. In the glasses is still a rare thing in years, Cartier will advance exploration, he has created a opera glasses, binoculars binoculars, folding glasses unparalleled treasures. It is documented, a history of Cartier glasses was born in 1887, especially customized by D’Essling princess. Frame by a pair of glasses made of pure gold, tortoiseshell handle moist material through the pinch silk gold and diamonds adorn the case and the Code Altro do.

As stated reputations Cartier, Cartier glasses also became for royalty and celebrities flock to it. Whether Russia Vladimir Duchess collectibles diamond-studded glasses with a long-handled letter squiggle (1912 special custom),Cartier Sunglasses or the Duchess of Windsor very beloved decorated with glazed single handle glasses Golden Tiger (1954 On special order), these former treasures, Cartier has become an important cultural assets.

In the production of Cartier glasses, the precious material of choice has always been the brand’s insistence lies: from precious metals, Cartier Sunglasses diamonds, precious stones, to tortoiseshell and pearls, precious materials, superb technology, a unique design and style, these glasses beyond the work itself, sublimated into a piece of jewelry unique style masterpiece.