2015 Cartier Jewelry Panthere Warm Colorful Christmas

Christmas 2015 will be predictable, New Year’s bell will soon ring in a new era, the festival will bring people together not only laughter when, and also hope for the coming year, eager for a better life. Sparkling jewelry, watch ticking played, elegant and refined accessories, French palace-class brands Cartier for selection of portable, the truth is colorful Christmas and New Year gift.

Lights on the Christmas tree lit winter night sky cartier panthere jewelry, beautiful jewelry placed better hope. Cartier – king of jewelers, jeweler of kings – will be placed into a gleaming look forward to go hand in hand beautiful pearl by extraordinary creativity and craftsmanship, transfer feelings and affection for the lovers and friends.
Three series of lights in the night sky to pay tribute to the classic winter
Cartier Panthere Jewelry

Coincides with the brand’s iconic image of the 100th anniversary of the cheetah, Cartier offer for this new masterpiece. Panthère de Cartier Series Ring made by 18K gold engraving, seamless shape, a pair of inlaid garnets Chavelet leopard eyes flashing breathtaking light. In the same series necklace, pendant cheetah locked jaw, straight ahead, platinum white like snow pouring down in the mouth drop. Christmas Eve, gentle spirit and personality coexist cheetah shuttling clothing coming rave, filling a unique charm.

Puma inlaid precious diamonds in the trick is to bring out the Puma stature, yet refreshing, the right to exaggerate the beauty of Puma, each diamond are carefully selected according to the size of the diamond, mounted in a suitable location. In fact, another perfect design sketch plane can only show the effect that part of the point of view of the creation of the object. Sculpture artisans use wax mold shape and extraction model, can more accurately grasp the point of view from a technical and aesthetic works.

“Amulette” in French means “amulet”, Cartier new Amulette de Cartier series is such a magical keepsake. When wishing to seek the courage dedication incarnation as sleek locks lucky, magic guard force will be shipped Kai, Yingying glow quietly in the hope of flying good wishes go hand in hand. Shape like rounded pebbles inlaid mother of pearl, onyx and diamond Amulette de Cartier necklace dream hope will weigh on your heart.

Authentic cartier panthere jewelry sets

“How Far Would You Go For Love?” Cartier LOVE series gives the perfect answer. The heart of India, interlocking, simple lines, classic design decorated with pink sapphires, erected hearts eternal love. Cartier Juste un Clou series will nail into jewelry, beauty blooming of the most concise form. Stud inlaid diamonds cartier panthere jewelry, for this very personal work adds colorful fishes. Cartier C de Cartier series diamond necklace, Cartier classic letter “C” is the base to attain inlaid diamonds, eulogized the world to be pure and true beauty and love.

Stainless steel case, silver guilloché dial, semi-matte gray alligator strap, Cartier 1904-CH MC-type workshop refined self-winding mechanical movement

Jewelry craftsmen then use wax research gem decorative effect: how to mix colors, what the common call, which uses placement angle. Jewelry artisans use wax prior to casting, and then tens of thousands of pieces of inlaid stones, embedded and shape animal muscle, four claws and radiant head. The screen tradition, authentic cartier panthere jewelry craftsmen with sapphires, diamonds and onyx to outline markings, finally embellishment eyes with emerald or garnet cartier panthere jewelry. Gem Masters alone dexterous hands, one by one cut gem constitute spots. Each one spot for nearly an hour of effort required. Dot shapes, make Jaguar a more flexible and vivid.

Cartier panthere jewelry sets

blood in the past century, the “never-ending” (Never Stop) embody the spirit of Cartier Tank watches. Tank Anglaise watches the crown hidden in the hollow of the vertical lugs, minimalist styling and unique design stretches Tank watches creative passion. By expectations of the future, in 2014 we launched a new Tank MC chronograph with calendar and chronograph dial feature-rich, perfect show men masculine spirit.

A Cartier bracelet cheetah, up to £ 500,000 turnover, and set a record auction price bracelet. In fact, the true value of this bracelet is perhaps also turn this figure many times, because of this bracelet to witness a man of the most blazing love – for the beloved woman to give up entire mountains and rivers.

December 12, 2010, Sotheby’s in London to celebrate the Windsors hide items auction. Auction show hide many Windsors collected Cartier jewelry, each piece of art called the fine to make London authentic cartier panthere jewelry. The climax of the day of the auction is a Cartier bracelet cheetah, turnover of up to £ 500,000, a figure set a record auction price bracelet.

In many well-known network Windsors love and understanding Cartier legendary historical people, the true value of this bracelet is perhaps also turn this figure many times, because of this bracelet to witness a man of the most blazing love – the love of women and discard the entire rivers. Buyers are willing to spend big bucks to a bracelet, in addition to the bracelet itself intricate process, perhaps more reason to appreciate that the Duke and Duchess of sincere emotion.

A symbol of elegance, mystery, and power of the jaguar is an important totem Cartier authentic cartier panthere jewelry. Cartier first use jaguar totem, was in 1904, Cartier commissioned the famous painter Georges Barbier help them draw the invitations; 1914, Cartier launched a platinum, cartier panthere jewelry diamond and black onyx combination of black and white leopard pattern wrist table, this is the first combination of Puma and jewelry.

The most impressive, it should be in 1949, the Duke of Windsor please Jeanne Toussaint Cartier jewelry section director to help him design a leopard-shaped brooch, this is the first Cartier panther from the plane into three-dimensional, which is the name The “Puma on Sapphire” brooch. Puma hugging sapphire brooch, weighing 152.35 kt, in combination with diamonds and sapphires inlaid leopard, life, Cartier has become the future development of different series of important reference for Puma. Of course, the most original, or bird of Windsor “Puma Sapphire on” the Jaguar muscles, in the most elegant way to make the most beautiful performance momentum.