Cartier Necklace Andaman Amman Tatsumi as Deep Beauty

Cartier necklace this universally as to attain weighing 44.47 kt pincushion Burmese sapphire grab everyone’s attention, it may have come from mines in Mogok legendary, with pure, rich colors, a reflection of ecstatic “royal blue” light, as beautiful Amman Tatsumi deep, distant deep; and weighing 20.40 grains of light gray natural pearls, with graceful oriental style and poetic hazy sky blue sapphire ingenious, bringing freshness refreshing.

Cartier Andaman Necklace

Cartier Andaman necklace, platinum, a heavy 44.47 kt pincushion stepped cut sapphire, a weight of 20.40 grains of light gray natural pearls, rose-cut diamonds, weight 4.22 kt, brilliant-cut diamonds