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In 2007, with “king of jewelers” said Cartier in the summer of this year launched a name called blue balloon watch. Because of the unique design style, so blue balloon has become the most popular of the table, a lot of stars like wearing it.

18th century, in France, a world-famous event occurred.

Paper prepared in Montego Phil brother accidentally saw the scraps of paper fluttering in the bonfire Zhaxian inspiration, resulting in a hot air manufacture Flyers idea.

So in 1783, the park inside the Palace of Versailles in Paris, one embroidered with gold patterned blue hot air balloon, in King Louis XVI and the crowd slowly amazing sound off,replica cartier ballon bleu watches a full eight minutes of flight. This is the history of mankind’s first hot-air balloon, representing the first human to break free of the shackles of gravity, to fly freely between the sky and clouds.

Cartier Ballon Bleu Watches

This is the famous “Montego Phil blue balloon” story, but not our today’s hero.

In 2007, also in France, it has also undergone something big enough to be described later events cartier ballon bleu watches.

Has a “king of jewelers” said Cartier in this year’s summer launched a watch, when the designers certainly did not think it would cause such a big stir in the world. Its name is called Ballon Bleu de Cartier (blue balloon), inspiration is derived from Montego Phil blue balloon story.
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